B. A. King Home Inspections, LLC

                           Inspection Process            

Bruce King (Inspector) will perform a  visual Inspection
of the listed areas, systems and items if they are present, 
accessible and not obscured from view, at the time of the

This Inspector will inspect within the scope of all
of the following guidelines:

InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors
Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

The S.C. Standards of Practice.

And for North Carolina Inspections:
The N.C. Standards of Practice.

Links available below for sample reports.

I will include a basic thermal image (IR) scan of ceilings and interior walls at no extra charge.




              Main  Components and Systems
             included in the Inspection Process

          Roof and Components,  Exterior and Siding,

       Basement,  Foundation,  Crawlspace & Structure,

     Heating,   Cooling,   Plumbing,   Electrical,    Fireplace,

        Attic & Insulation,   Doors,  Windows,  Lighting,
             Appliances (limited), Attached Garages,

        Garage doors, Grading, Drainage and all Stairs .

Exterior Stucco siding inspections are extra, very important and done by a stucco expert.  Call for details.

Examples of Inspected Items (visible portions only) and information provided (limited by applicable SOP) :

General information on the residence, roof type, roofing condition, flashing, guttering and other roof components, skylights, fireplace chimneys, structural components, sheathing condition, readily accessible attic areas, foundations, walks and driveways, fences, retaining walls, exterior, windows, doors, door frames, hardware, trim, paint, caulking, porches, decks, railings, patios, balconies, stoops, columns, wall coverings, grade, drainage, garage and door equipment, carport, electrical panels, incoming service, branch circuits, wire sizes and types, ground fault circuit interrupter devices, over current protection, fixtures, smoke detectors, grounding, basement, foundation walls,  accessible crawl space areas, slab, floors, water seepage, sump and pump presence, plumbing piping, identify water supply type and main shut off location and pressure adequacy, water heater, type, capacity and temperature-pressure relief valve presence, operate fixtures, faucet functional flow, functional drainage, washer and dryer connections, waste ejection systems, laundry tubs, wet bars, visible framing, heating system, location, condition, operation, report type of fuel,  supply and return ducts, vents, fixed supplementary heat units, filter presence, central air cooling system, energy source, brand, location, condition and operation, attic access, gables, visible leaks, insulation type and depth, soffit and ridge vents, ventilator fan, whole house fan, framing, trim, lighting, walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, doors, windows, fireplaces, kitchen cabinets, stove or range, oven, trash disposal,  fan / vent hood, dishwasher, built in appliances, safety concerns with rails, spindles and balusters, describe visible fuel storage systems.

Client Responsibilities :

The client or their agent schedules the inspection with the seller and ensures that access to the property is available for the inspector. The client and real estate agent are encouraged to attend the inspection. If attendance is not possible, the inspection fee must be paid before the report or information pertaining to the inspection is released unless prior arrangements were made.  Credit card payments can be made on this website, see the Cost for Inspection page.

On vacant properties the client must arrange for utilities, water / gas / electrical, to be turned on in order for a proper inspection to be done on items requiring it.  Ask your agent to arrange this.

Any areas such as crawl spaces, attic and access openings, garage floors and walls not accessible due to stored items can not be fully inspected therefore it is advisable to have the owner ensure the areas are not blocked or nailed shut.

Client agrees to read and sign the Inspectors Agreement before the Inspection and fax all pages as soon as possible for scheduling.
The fax must be confirmed to ensure your appointment is scheduled.

Payment is due at or before the Inspection, and the report will be sent within 12  to 24 hours. 

803 417 - 2116   or     704 301 - 3207


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