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              Cost for Professional Inspection
               with a Detailed Informative Report

Note:  Please be careful and checkout my sample reports on this site when comparing inspection fees with other companies, all inspectors do not provide anywhere near the level of detail that I do.
See IHINA for a list of true independent inspectors.

Most houses cost between 375 and 500 but depend on size, age and foundation.

Termite Inspection $75 available from reputable company.  

Have a well?  I can send detailed instructions so you can do your own sampling to save money. (For inspection customers only).

Radon inspection with electronic equipment also available (150 to 175 depending on area).

I will perform a basic thermal (IR) scan of ceilings
and interior walls at no extra charge.

Call with heated square footage, foundation type (crawlspace, slab, basement), house age and city for exact inspection fee.


Please fill out and submit the inspection agreement available here.

803 417-2116 (calls and text to 803#)
Bruce King, Certified Master, Independent Inspector

I will not send an employee to do your inspection. 

Buying a home is a very serious decision. This is no time to let someone talk you into a quick, easy inspection. The cost of a professional home inspection is very small relative to the cost of the home being inspected.  I have been told by many people in this industry that I am the most detailed and thorough inspector available in the Charlotte, Fort Mill and Rock Hill areas.

Bruce King    803 417- 2116  
  I answer my own phone calls when not busy inspecting.

It is very important to fax the inspection agreement as soon as possible to ensure your appointment.  If you do not have a fax, a local office supply store or Walmart can help for a small fee.  It can also be scanned and emailed.

If delayed payment has been agreed to :   A check for the full fee plus $35 must be presented to inspector at or before the inspection time, inspector will hold the check for 50 days maximum and return it when payment from the closing attorney is received.   Client agrees to have funds available immediately if property is not purchased or if the closing attorney does not include the invoice in the closing.
I reserve the right to refuse payment at closing and require payment before the report is released as deemed necessary for any reason.

Payments can be made at the left of this page via Paypal's secure site for credit cards.  

Note:  Some service areas and certain houses require prepayment to schedule.
Houses with utilities in process of being turned on may require prepayment.

Bruce King    803 417 - 2116 


A good home inspection has everything to do with the amount of effort and time invested in the inspection process. Bruce King performs his inspections with a passion for doing the very best work for his client. 

Investment property and foreclosures in poor condition must be disclosed to the Inspector to obtain the proper fee.

Investor advice:  Many banks will not turn on the utilities, so you have to open up accounts in your name for this.  Unless you are buying at very low cost or plan to do major renovations, you want the utilities on to obtain a thorough inspection.  Please do not schedule an inspection the same day the utilities are to be turned on, they might not have them on until later in the day.

Inspections in some areas and certain houses require prepayment.

Note: Construction phase inspections are not regulated by NC or SC and E&O, GL insurance does not cover these inspections.  Full responsibility of construction and final product is retained by the builder and the builders insurance.

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I have Supra key access for Charlotte and York County areas.

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Please add $10 convenience fee to your payment as listed in the agreement.