About Home Inspections

Home Inspections are very important for all homes, new and existing.  Methods of construction, materials used, slope of the lot, and maintenance practices as well as previous changes and additions can seriously affect a structure and its components.  

Main  Components and Systems
                 included in the Inspection Process

              Roof and Components,  Exterior and Siding,

         Basement,  Foundation,  Crawlspace & Structure,

       Heating,   Cooling,   Plumbing,   Electrical,    Fireplace,

           Attic & Insulation,   Doors,  Windows,  Lighting,
                Appliances (limited), Attached Garages,

          Garage doors, Grading, Drainage and all

Some points to consider.......

The cost of a home inspection is really not very much when you consider the value of the home you are planning to purchase.

Home Inspections are more important than ever due to the rising cost of materials and labor to repair homes.

All homes require some ongoing maintenance which is better done a little at a time rather than be faced with major expenses to repair several items.

Even if you don't plan to live in a home for more than a few years, you can be pretty sure that when you sell, the buyer will have it inspected then.

Always have your house inspected before the new home warranty expires to provide your builder with a list of items that need repairing.

With more and more electrical devices in use today, the homes electrical system must be in top shape to prevent possible serious problems to the house and even to its occupants.

A home is much more enjoyable to live in when you know that its systems are functioning correctly and that a trained professional has inspected all of the many components that make up a home.

A good home inspection has everything to do with the amount of effort and time invested in the inspection process. Bruce King performs his inspections with a passion for doing the very best work for his client.

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To view National Association of Certified Home Inspectors Standards of Practice:  NACHI SOP

To view National Association of Certified Home Inspectors
Code of Ethics: 
NACHI Code of Ethics

To view S.C. Standards of Practice: SC SOP

And for North Carolina Inspections:
The N.C. Standards of Practice.

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